Vocal Training Tips on Youtube!

The upcoming Pop Choir Online Festival inspired me to do something, I have wanted to do for years, but never really got around to. I sat down with notebooks and documents and all the pages and ideas I have gathered over the years as a singer and instructor. I started chunking all the exercises. Putting them on different colored post-it notes and a huge landscape started to form.

I always knew that the tips & tricks I use for my students go into different categories – and now I finally got the full picture. I figured out that I have 8 larger categories – or principles for building strong and open voices. These 8 categories (or principles as I call them) cover all the areas, I believe we have to focus as singers and performers.

Thus, I have made a small video-series, where I walk through the Principles one by one and put on Youtube. Please feel free to like, share, comment and subscribe – and if you want to join me in unfolding the principles and delve deeper into each of them, join me in the upcoming Pop Chor Online Festival

See the introduction for the countain here and find our YouTube Channel here to see all the videos:

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